Discover the ideal board for young paddlers aged 10 to 13years with Infront Surfcraft Nipper Boards. Our selection caters to various nipper sizes, offering both carbon fiber and epoxy options suitable for paddlers weighing 35kg to 80kg.


Choose from a wide array of unreal patterns and designs at Infront Surfcraft. We take pride in enhancing our customers’ performance by leveraging our extensive knowledge to match riders with the perfect board size. Each rider can find a board tailored to their needs, ensuring optimal performance on the water.


Comfortable and strong.
Reinforced & Removable Fin
Strong and durable. Capable of withstanding unplanned impacts with the beach.
Able to withstand bumps, reinforced back to prevent damage on the beach.
Shape developed by Mark Simpson to ensure the nipper board is stable and fast.
Robust and lightweight so that the nipper is able to paddle onto a wave with ease.