Infront Surfcraft have two sizes in our foam nipper boards, our original board and our lightweight board.


Lightweight Foam Nipper Board | High-Performance Lightweight Infront Foam Nipper Board, suitable for rider up to 45kg maximum.


Original (Extra Volume) Foam Nipper Board | Original Infront Foam Nipper Board with extra volume, suitable for 45kg plus rider for optimum performance.


Fun range of colours;
Blue, Light Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, Red, Pink, Purple & Silver


Comfortable and strong 4 Handles (2 front, 2 rear)
Removable Fin/Protection
Tail block to reinforce areas of impact and UV protection to maintain colour
Non-slip surface with white slick bottom.
Mould developed by Mark Simpson to ensure the nipper board is stable and fast.
Robust and lightweight so that the nipper is able to paddle onto a wave with ease.
SLSA approved
Every board is endorsed by SLSA and includes SLSA Approved compliance sticker