Extended periods in the hot sun and unfavorable weather whilst on the beach will damage boards so it is recommended that you:

  • Ensure you store your board away from heat and out of direct sunlight whenever possible.
  • Never lay your board out in the sun with the deck facing up, always lay it face down. Excessive heat may cause delamination to the fiberglass/soft foam and kneepads and will potentially cause the kneepads to shrink and lift off the board. If your board features dark colours it will heat up very quickly in the sun, whenever possible cover it up with towels.
  • Store your board inside its reflective cover wherever possible, in and out of the sun.
  • Wet your board every 30 minutes to cool it down on hot days.
  • Secure your board down or lay it into the prevailing wind.


  • Dragging your fibreglass board in the sand will wear the paint and fibreglass away on the corners (tail).
    If you drag the board ensure you apply rail tape to protect corners. You can purchase the drag tape from your local surf shop or contact us for assistance.



  • Wash your board with fresh water after every use as salt residue and sand can deteriorate the finish on your board over time.


  • We strongly encourage you to use your board bag/cover for protection during transit.
  • When transporting your board on roof racks, use “flat” plastic tie down straps with plastic buckle in preference to rope or metal buckles. Never use ratchet or elastic straps.



  • If your board has been damaged ensure you remove it from the water immediately and repair correctly before next use. If water is absorbed into the board you will need to ensure the water is drained prior to repair.
  • Contact your local surf club or Infront Surfcraft for recommended local repairers.


  • Remember that your board is not a seat. Please do not sit on it whilst it is on the sand as this may damage your board and/or the fin.
  • All new boards are now fitted with a Breather Valve. It is designed to let air out and not allow water in. This valve is not to be removed

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