• Straps Comfortable and strong.
  • Reinforced & Removable Fin Strong and durable. Capable of withstanding ‘unplanned’ impacts with the beach.
  • Robust Able to withstand bumps, reinforced back to prevent damage on the beach.
  • Shape Mould developed by Mark and Dean Simpson to ensure the nipper board is stable and fast.
  • Lightweight Robust and lightweight so that the nipper is able to paddle onto a wave with ease.
  • SLSA approved Every board is endorsed by SLSA
foam board blue

foamie blue

foam board green

foamie green

foam board pink

foamie pink

foam board pink 2

foamie pink 2

foam board red

foamie red

foam board red checker

foamie red checker

foam board yellow

foamie yellow

Soft Nipper Boards

Soft nipper boards are super for kids who love the water. They are safe and durable solutions for everyone with the right design and know how to use them the right way. Soft Nipper boards are easier to find than you may think. There are a variety of different options when you are looking into buying one though. They are made of different things with each brand having a slightly different design. You can even have one custom made to suite your height, weight and unique style.

The Infront Surfcraft Soft Nipper Boards are an awesome choice that really delivers, as is the Foam version. You can even get a Nipper Board for teenagers and tweens.

Soft Nipper Board

The Infront Surfcraft soft nipper board is made for performance with the knowledge needed to have a safe and fun water experience. Everything about this boards is designed with that in mind. This is a great option for the youngster who loves the water. There are used options available. They are durable and will provide years of fun in the sun.

The soft nipper board has all the features that were incorporated for safety you can’t go wrong. Finding them online is an easy task. A lot of great sellers are available, but you always want to go with Infront Surfcraft because you can trust to have a safe and durable design.

With all of the price variations it is important to keep in mind that cheaper is not always better, just as the most expensive is not always the best. Look into the company that you will be considering buying from. Many people have a Soft Nipper Boards for sale, but can they tell you about the maker, the design and so forth.

Soft Nippers Board

When looking for a soft nippers board dealing with someone knowledgeable like Infront Surfcraft is always your best option. Look at consumer reviews, and make sure your payment information is handled correctly. You also want to see how much shipping will be, because what seems like a good deal may very well not be after the deal has been done. Call us today for more information.

A Soft Nippers Board are state of the art, and they are amazing to own. You are guaranteed to love your Nipper Board. All you have to do is find the one that suites you the best and it is going to be so worth the time it took to find it.